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Mayor’s Column — Recent Flooding and Celebrate Waupun

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Mayor’s Column June 29, 2024
Rohn Bishop, Mayor of Waupun

Hello Waupun,

As we get ready to celebrate Waupun at Celebrate Waupun, I was reminded that we have many great things to celebrate about Waupun!

First, 2024 has been a tough year. Hail, severe storms, and the flooding event have all happened in a month’s time. I can’t say enough good things about the city staff. City Administrator Schlieve and I were at city hall during the flooding. Our Utilities and Public Works crews who have to keep coming in overnight and weekends to deal with storms. Our firefighters who leave their wet basements behind to help others. Our police officers who get inundated with calls for help. City hall staff like Angie Hull who is tracking all the hours of overtime in hopes we’ll get some reimbursement to our city.

Our city has also taken a hit in the media because of recent events at Waupun Correctional. Those of us who live here, however, know the challenging and dangerous work that correctional officers, and all correctional employees, do. Thank you to everyone who works in a prison; we’re all safer because of you.

As we gear up to celebrate Waupun, I will once again be joining Jaedon Buchholz as we give the trolley sculpture tours. A little thing we like to call “See Waupun, with Mayor Rohn.” I hope you’re able to join us on a ride. My favorite tour is always the one when Jenny and the girls come along. Speaking of Jenny, I need to thank her for being so supportive, and a better wife than I deserve. The job of being mayor sure wears a person down. It’s a lot of work, for very little money, a lot of stress, phone calls, messages, emails, and you live under a constant spotlight as some people just eagerly wait for you to mess up, and see you fail. I wouldn’t be able to this job without her as our first lady and my sidekick.

Waupun has had a rough spring. I have had a rough spring, too. But we have a lot to celebrate here. Waupun is a great city! We help each other during times of need, we’re a friendly, safe place to raise a family. Waupun has it going on, and this weekend, we get to Celebrate Waupun!

Thank you, Waupun! And God Bless you all,
Mayor Rohn