(PHOTOS) Celebrate Waupun 2024

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WAUPUN — Celebrate Waupun 2024 was held Friday June 28 through Sunday June 30. Carnival rides, games, organization booths, live music, and a brat fry were available for attendees all weekend.

The stage tent was moved north a bit to put some distance between itself and the river, in response to the flooding that occurred over the last week where water got all the way up to the parking lot.

On Friday they held the annual firefighters competition, and with the wind created quite a shower over the Tanner Park parking lot and rides.

Throughout the weekend was a “Pier Pups” dog jumping competition where a large pool was set up for dogs to jump into to retrieve a thrown toy. Waupun Public Works Director Jeff Daane’s dog received second place in the Friday competition.

Notably on Saturday, Mayor of Waupun Rohn Bishop led three historical trolley tours that went around the city to showcase Clarence Addison Shaler’s collection of outdoor sculptures located in Waupun, along with the history behind them and the city as a whole. Local journalist and historian Jaedon Buchholz joined in on adding more historical context to the tours. All three tours were full before the scheduled times and the last tour even left 15 minutes early.

Also on Saturday was a touchdown of the UW Medical Helicopter which was on display in the middle of Schlieve Field for attendees to look at the equipment and controls and speak with some of the operators.

Sunday evening itself was packed with those in attendance for the fireworks show that started at 9:30PM. Parking was all the way out to Woodland Drive and the Madison Street bridge and beyond.