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Mayor’s Column — Washington Lobbying and Forest Mound Cemetery Meat Raffle

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Mayor’s Column March 2nd, 2024
Rohn Bishop, Mayor of Waupun

Hello Waupun,

General Manager of Waupun Utilities, Steve Brooks, and myself are back from a successful trip out to Washington, DC to lobby our representatives on the important issues facing public power companies. What is public power?  A city like Waupun, that owns its own utility is a public power community. Being a public power community gives Waupun slightly more affordable power, and much more reliable service.  It’s locally owned and operated by people who live in or around Waupun. 

This Sunday is another meat raffle at the Other Bar, and once again they asked the mayor to select the nonprofit, and this time I chose the Forest Mound Cemetery Association. The FMCA has a lot of unexpected costs because of lots of tree damage. The tornado, Emerald Ash Borer, old trees, and heavy snows have caused many trees to crash down and damage grave stones.  One of the stones busted is that of Joshua Crawford, the great grandfather of President Warren Harding.  Hopefully we can help the FMCA with some of the costs of cleaning up trees and preserving Waupun’s rich heritage. 

The cemetery is private property; however the city does help as much as we can. I do think we’ll have to do more to help. Why? If these costs become too much for the FMCA to bear, under state law the cemetery would become the city’s.  I’m trying to prevent that from happening, so I’ll be pushing to have city resources help maintain our beautiful cemetery.  After all, it’s almost an extra park. They house the Recording Angel Sculpture and allow residents access to the Rock River. Anyway, I hope to see you Sunday at 3!

The Booster Club’s annual trivia night is fast approaching on Saturday March 23.  Contact Marla Stillwill for more information at

Thank you and God Bless,

Mayor Rohn

Mayor Bishop in DC.