VIDEO — Police Chief Jeremy Rasch Sworn in at Ceremony

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WAUPUN — Police Chief Jeremy Rasch was sworn into office Monday evening at a ceremony held in the City Hall Auditorium.

The ceremony lasted about twenty minutes, hearing from Mayor of Waupun Rohn Bishop, Police and Fire Commission president Mike Thurmer, Pastor Gould, and Chief Jeremy Rasch himself.

Chief Rasch was officially appointed to the position last Tuesday after serving as Interim Chief since December, following the resignation of former chief Scott Louden.

Rasch has served on the Waupun Police Department since 2002, acting in several positions and on several boards and committees throughout his time in the Department. He will serve as the 17th Chief of Police in Waupun’s history.

Watch the full video here:


0:00 Opening from Mayor of Waupun Rohn Bishop
2:38 Remarks from Police and Fire Commission president Mike Thurmer
12:18 Invocation from Pastor
13:30 Swearing in Ceremony
14:25 Remarks from Police Chief Jeremy Rasch