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CWC Holds Open House After Completing Recent Expansion Project

WAUPUN — Central Wisconsin Christian School held an open house event last Saturday to show off the campus, including the recently completed expansions.

CWC held the ribbon cutting for the new expansion project for the west side of the building last month, officially opening the renovated classrooms, a new elementary wing, and a state-of-the-art Ag Tech lab. The ribbon cutting came almost exactly one year after they broke ground on the expansion last year

“It was great to have the community come and take a look,” said Gregg Zonnefeld, president of CWC. “A lot of people drive by here and wonder what’s been going on here the last year and a half.”

Over 300 people attended the open house, which allowed parents and community members to see the campus for themselves. 

“You don’t get to go inside schools very often anymore, and it’s huge for them to see our new learning spaces,” Zonnefeld said. “The new Ag Pro Tech lab, the new elementary classrooms, and not to mention a lot of parents and family haven’t seen the other spaces in our building.”

“Most people when they go to a school, they get in the gym or that area, but not into the classroom. So it’s nice to open our classrooms to them,” he said.

CWC also held an auction in the gym on Friday night prior to the open house. 

“Another fabulous, generous night from our supporters,” Zonnefeld said. “This year’s theme was ‘Wild Wild West’ and the funds that we raised from the auction help give tuition support to our families. It’s called gap fundraising, so don’t charge the full cost of tuition and events like the auction, those fill in that to help all of our families with that.”

According to Zonnefeld, they raised $260,000 from over 800 lots at this year’s auction.

“Just blowing away what we would ever expect and just some great items, great crowd, great atmosphere for the ‘Wild Wild West’ and a record year for us,” he said. 

CWC constructed a new display last week for the original 1948 elementary school cornerstone and the original bell controller. It was placed in the main foyer with the photograph of the original founders.