Alderman William Langford Resigns From City Council

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WAUPUN — Alderman William Langford representing the 3rd Aldermanic District of Waupun is resigning from his position on the City Council due to being in the process of moving across town. 

Langford submitted his letter of resignation to the City on September 12th, which was accepted by Mayor of Waupun Rohn Bishop at the Common Council meeting held Tuesday night

According to the resignation letter Langford will be “permanently moving to another District and County effective October 5th, 2023.” 

“The Common Council has been great,” Langford said in a statement to WPN. “I’ve learned a whole lot in my three or two and a half years and it’s been a pleasure working with everybody that’s on the board.”

Langford has served on the City Council since being elected and sworn in on April 20th, 2021.

“Tonight I reluctantly accepted the resignation of Will Langford,” Mayor Bishop said to WPN. “Will has done a nice job in his three years on the Council. I remember when he was starting out and he was really new and I think it’s fair to say that he may have gotten into a little bit more than he thought but he did his homework.” 

“He was quieter early on, he learned a lot about how the City operates, we ended up becoming really good friends and he’s been a supporter,” Mayor Bishop said. “I think it’s a loss for the residents of the 3rd District that he’s stepping down and I hope he serves again some day.”

Mayor Bishop also said he had some people in mind to fill the vacant seat, but stated that he was planning on keeping the seat vacant during the budget season so the person filling the seat could be eased into the role in a few months. 

“I would hope to see someone who talks a little bit more than I did,” Langford said about a potential replacement. “I do hope that they ask the right questions and give the right answers as well.”

After the move Langford will reside in Aldermanic District 5 in Fond du Lac County, which is currently represented by Alderman Dan Siebers. Langford stated during the meeting that he has no plans on challenging Alderman Siebers in the next election.

His resignation from the Council takes effect on September 30th.