City Approves Repairs to Safety Building Roof

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WAUPUN — The Waupun City Council approved a contractor bid to replace the roof on the Waupun Safety Building at the meeting held Tuesday evening. The winning bid from Security Luebke Roofing was quoted for just over $150,000 with an additional 10% should something unexpected come up during repairs.

The City identified repairing the Waupun Safety Building as one of the highest priorities of the ARPA funds received from the Federal Government. As the roof has been leaking on the police department for the last few years and attempts for City staff to repair it only served as temporary solutions, the City opted for a complete, and hopefully permanent, replacement.

With a completion deadline of November, bids were immediately put out following the approval of the ARPA fund outline back in March. Security Luebke Roofing of Appleton won the bid at $150,710.45 plus 10% for additional work as needed not to exceed $165,710.45.

The other two bids were from Ripon Area Roofing and Siding of Green Lake for $158,000 and Anything and Everything Home Maintenance of Waupun for $195,900.

While the winning quote was reasonable, it did end up higher than the $140,000 estimate included in the March 28th ARPA funding packet. There is also concern that the costs could go even higher if damage is worse than anticipated.

“We don’t know until we get some of the roofing off whether we’re going to have to replace the OSB or something like that,” Director of Public Works Jeff Daane said. “When you walk it, it feels pretty solid but that’s what that additional 10% is in there for.”

While Security Luebke Roofing hasn’t done contracts for the City, Daane pointed out that they have done work in the area in the past.

The entire building will have its roof replaced with 40 year shingles, which come with a 20 year warranty. Security Luebke was given a two month window to complete the project which will end by late August, with a verbal commitment to July. The repairs are estimated to take about a week to complete.

The Council voted to accept the bid, followed by a motion to release ARPA funds towards the project. Both motions were accepted unanimously.