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Mayor’s Column — Police Department Commendations and Investigation

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Mayor’s Column January 6th, 2024
Rohn Bishop, Mayor of Waupun

Hello Waupun!

The Waupun Police Department recently recognized members of the department for actions taken in 2023, including:

1. Life Saving Award to Officer Warner for his response to a water rescue in January.

2. A Commendation was presented to Officers Hauge, Halverson, and Lt’s Williams and Sullivan for their response to a tactical and critical incident in August.

3. A commendation was also presented to Officer Kreitzman for his efforts during multiple medical incidents in April. Thank you to these officers, and everyone who works for us at the Waupun Police Department. You all do a great job keeping Waupun one of Wisconsin’s safest cities!

Speaking of the Police, as of this writing there is a suspicious death investigation going on, which is one of many investigations happening. While Waupun does remain one of Wisconsin’s safest cities, our police department is a lot busier with serious issues than most people don’t realize.

As you know, I’ve tried to be a hands-on mayor to experience first hand the work of different departments, their employees, and what it takes to operate a city. I do this to both learn and be supportive of our hard working team. Later this month, I will be job shadowing our School Resource Officer and on a Saturday night I will again ride along in a squad car. These experiences are educational, and remind me that as mayor, I’m blessed to lead an awesome team of people dedicated to keeping Waupun a great place to live, work, and play.

Thank you and God Bless,
Mayor Rohn