Mayor of Waupun Partnering With Ministry Organization SERVE Waupun

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WAUPUN — “I wanted to take a moment here to share something I think is great for Waupun, and I’m excited to have the Office of the Mayor partnering with them to help make Waupun an even better place!” Mayor of Waupun Rohn Bishop said in a post Tuesday morning.

The purpose of SERVE Waupun is to assist those in need, show them Christ’s love, and raise the quality of life in Waupun, according to the official ONE Waupun website.

ONE Waupun was originally founded as an interdenominational community outreach organization in 2019 and was created to directly serve fellowship and community needs. Today ONE Waupun is made up of around 100 members from various churches in the area. SERVE is the outreach wing of ONE Waupun, made up of around 50 volunteers who can provide or lend a hand in simple home maintenance, cleaning, yard work, moving, and even tech support. Volunteers also regularly visit with members of the community to share the Gospel.

“The most effective ministry will happen when men from all walks of life, all ages, and all Biblically-focused churches unite to serve those around us, grow in the study of the Word, and daily work to impact and transform the lives of our neighbors,” the official ONE Waupun website says.

“The four main pillars of our group include our monthly Saturday Connections breakfasts, our small group Bible studies, our annual large group conference that we host in Green Lake the first Saturday in March, and SERVE Waupun,” ONE Waupun organizer Mike Vander Berg told Waupun Pioneer in an email.

Now in partnership with the City of Waupun, SERVE assisted in moving a “Trucker’s Jamboree” cabinet and display to the Waupun Public Library. By taking care of smaller projects like this, SERVE allows the Department of Public Works to focus on ongoing priority projects and helps the department do their part in community improvement.

“SERVE Waupun is looking for people in need of a little help. People down on their luck, struggling, or just needing a little help,” Mayor Bishop said in his post. “If you know of someone in need of help, or need help yourself, please let Mike know at MVB2SERVE@GMAIL.COM.”

Members of the community can sign up to volunteer or support their efforts through their website at