(PHOTOS) Statues in Winter – Culture

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WAUPUN — Following the heavy snowfall from last night I went out and took pictures of the very statues that makes Waupun the “City of Sculpture.” I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

The End of the Trail seemed to be the most covered in snow, though much of it had already melted off by the time I made it out there. I took some pictures from my favorite angles of the statue without disturbing the still untouched sheet of snow that covered Shaler Park.

The Recording Angel was next, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it in one of the most incredible states I’ve ever seen it. Snow wreathed her shoulders and covered her wings, a sheet perfect on top of her great book. But the most fascinating part of it all was how the snowmelt falling down her face made her appear to be crying, as if weeping for those we have lost.

After that made my way downtown and stopped by City Hall to take a picture of Waubun, or Dawn of Day. While no snow remained on her by the time I arrived, she stood elegantly among the snow covered bushes which surround her. This specific angle is a perfect mirror of a similar photo I took over a year ago during the summer, which is one of my most striking photographs.

After saying “hi” to the Mayor, I swung by Wilcox Park and snapped a few pictures of The Pioneers. Snow stuck to the father’s chest and swaddled the child in the mother’s arms, almost as if it were a blanket or scarf wrapped for warmth in the cold months.

And finally I stopped in at The Rock Country Club to take pictures of Doe and Fawn, and while there I collected many great shots of the undisturbed fields of the golf courses, the river, and the county park road.

Winter is a beautiful time of year and opportunities like this are wonderful for taking such incredible pictures.