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Waupun Community Fund Accepts $52,000 Contribution from Mike Werner to Repair Shaler Park Entrance

WAUPUN — Work began last week on tearing out and replacing the road at the entrance to Shaler Park and Forest Mound Cemetery. This was made possible through the contribution of Mike Werner and the Waupun Community Fund.

The Waupun Community Fund is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible non-profit fundraising committee aimed towards funding city improvements and maintenance that the Municipal Government does not have the budget to cover. The City Administration saw the need for an extra-municipal organization which could finance improvements locals wanted to see fixed, following the request of a donation which the City could not directly accept. The City Council approved the creation of the Community Fund last winter as a way to accept donations towards city projects.

Mike Werner’s $52,000 contribution was the first donation to the Waupun Community Fund and was put towards repairing the old cemetery road and making Shaler Park more ADA compliant.

Forest Mound Cemetery is maintained by the Cemetery Association, which does not have the funding to replace the old roads. Due to the Forest Mound Cemetery and Shaler Park sharing the road, it was unclear whether the Cemetery Association or the City of Waupun was responsible for maintenance or how much each would have to contribute, deadlocking the issue as neither had the funds or will to push the subject. But now with Werner’s contribution to the repair of the road, the issue has been solved and maintenance is underway.

“Mr. Werner’s gift is supporting improvements to the Shaler Park entrance and, next spring, will help make the Veteran’s Memorial more ADA accessible,” the Waupun Municipal Government said in a post Friday afternoon. “As part of this recognition, Mayor Bishop issued a proclamation, naming the Shaler Park entrance Mike Werner Way.”

The proclamation was read at the Meeting of the Common Council last Tuesday.

“If anyone wants to leave a lasting legacy to the city, they can donate to the Community Fund and it will go towards the issue of their choice,” Mayor Bishop said. “I am very thankful for Mike Werner’s donation, it was an honor to name the street after him. ‘Mike Werner Way’ will now be the entranceway to see our beautiful cemetery, beautiful statue and memorial, boat launch and dam.”

The Waupun Community Fund was formed as an organization only a few months ago. While it’s still in the process of setting up, they are determined to help make Waupun a better place.